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The Nonprofit that Helps Others Achieve Their Dream Lives

The 1Life ROADMAP program was designed to help individuals thrive by unleashing potential. Want to see a better life for you and others? Dream It, Plan It, LIVE IT with 1Life Fully Lived.

Working to Destroy Poverty — 1 Dream at a Time

1Life Fully Lived is a 501 (c) (3)  nonprofit organization, partnering with various community-based organizations and nonprofits to fight against the negative effects caused by generational poverty. We believe sharing tools, resources, and strategies with those who have only known hardship and struggle, we can help create a platform upon which people can stand to reach beyond self-sufficiency and truly start living a better life — a dream life.

Working hand-in-hand with the nation’s most heart-centered nonprofits and community organizations to foster real, lasting, and sustainable transformations in cities and towns across America. We’re proud to partner with both local and national groups, which allow us to share the 1Life ROADMAP programs and exponentially expand our reach . Our focus has always been keenly aimed at creating A-HA moments, where those struggling with hardship are able to overcome and elevate. And our “Partners in THRIVE” help us raise the bar for everyone. We remain deeply grateful to those who support our mission and share the 1Life ROADMAP alongside of us.

To find out more about becoming a licensed 1Life ROADMAP Certified Coach, or to get your organization involved in a City Blitz, contact our team today.


1Life Stories of Transformation

From destitute to dedicated, from worried to wealthy, from impoverished to empowered, these real people used 1Life strategies and methods to live extraordinary lives. Their stories are what drives us to continue to share the tools we know change lives. We’ve never been about giving handouts, opting for real, tangible, and sustainable HANDS UP instead. 

The Who, Why, Where & How We Serve

Since our inception as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2010, we've set our sights on the goal of eradicating poverty and it's terrible effects on our society. Here's how we can serve you and how you can help us serve others.

Welcome To 1Life

Our mission is to help people create a personal ROADMAP that provides tools and training in the 1Life CORE4 Pillars of Vision, Finances, Relationships, and Wellness so they will THRIVE instead of just survive. We believe we can all benefit when each of us do better, together.

Why We Serve

1Life Fully Lived is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2010 to help people create a ROADMAP to Dream, Plan, and LIVE their best lives. Ultimately, our goal is to eradicate poverty in North America. And you can help us do that by bringing 1Life to your community

Who We Serve

From aging-out foster youth and low-income families to single mothers, veterans and even seniors, we help the widest expanse of populations in communities just like yours. Everyone deserves to live a life free of endless struggle.

What We Do

With online and in-person 1Life ROADMAP events, we guide people through the 1Life CORE4 Pillars of Vision, Finances, Relationships, and Wellness. Our 1Life programs have proven success, helping thousands to get a clear picture on how to create a better life.

1Life's CORE4


What is your dream? What are your sprint and marathon plans to achieve that dream?


How much money is coming in and how well do you monitor what is going out? How do you invest the rest?


How’s your relationship with yourself? Who’s in your inner circle? Who are your mentors?


Are you taking care of and developing your mind, body and spirit?

1Life helps people create their own ROADMAP to a fulfilling life.

63% Improvement

in planning their VISION for life

46% Increase

in their literacy in FINANCES

24% Improvement

of their RELATIONSHIPS understanding

45% Boost

of physical and mental WELLNESS strategies

100% of participants reported, upon completing the ROADMAP event, they had plans in each of the CORE4 Pillars of Vision, Finances, Relationships & Wellness, and they could immediately start using what they learned.

A mother/daughter in Philly

Linda struggled to pay her bills, feed her daughter, Naveah, and find a career that made her happy.

Every day she went to work because she had to. She worried about how she and her daughter would get by. Naveah was alone a lot while the mom worked and the began to face challenges at school, hang around with bad influences, and the daughter argued that there was nothing good about the future. The mom struggled to stay on top of it all, but it life seemed hopeless.

Then one day her Naveah’s school went to an event hosted by 1Life Fully Lived.

That afternoon she came straight home and was on fire. Excited about her future. She had hopes and dreams and plans she never thought were possible. Together they began to create a ROADMAP for each of their lives and their life together. They made changes in the way they were living. The daughter switched schools, the mother found ways to advance at work, and open other opportunities. Naveah found new friends and their family relationship improved.

Their lives began to transform. They realized the changes they made to their lives by following their personal ROADMAP and staying true to what they learned about vision planning, finances, relationships, and wellness moved them to a life they never dreamed possible. The mother attended a 1Life event too and learned even more.

Ever since then they began to live a life of joy, working toward their dreams, all areas of their lives continued to improve and share the ideas with others to do the same.

Finding Opportunity in the Land of the Free

Diego Corzo is considered a “Dreamer” meaning his family immigrated to America without proper documentation when he was a child. Unable to take advantage of common things like a drivers license and college financial aid, Diego was forced to find a way to fund his education as well as his ability to stay in the country.

After attending a 1Life event, Diego was introduced to the world of real estate and began his new career. In addition to becoming a successful agent, Diego has gone on to invest in multiple properties while also being an activist in the ongoing DACA-immigration movement.

A Blue Collar Family

Shawn & Cheryl Lowery were $94K in debt, and living in a very small house in a blue collar

neighborhood that had more crime and poorer schools than they wanted their kids to experience. Theft, vandalized cars, a dead body dumped a few yards away, and drug deals were happening directly in front of their home. Cheryl stayed home to care for their autistic child and his younger brother while Shawn paid the bills as best he could as a newer real estate agent. Finding 1Life Fully Lived allowed them to create a ROADMAP for their life. They tackled the new clear vision, together as a team. They were able to pay off the $94K in debt in 7 months, way ahead of their goal. “You would not believe how much weight can be lifted from becoming debt free.” Cheryl said. That allowed them to move into a better home, in a better neighborhood, with schools that met the needs of their children. Without the stress of debt and crime they were able to enjoy their family time and improve their wellness, too. And they still continue to do so.

Streets to Prison to Positive Transformation Coach

Will Latif Little is an ex-con; convicted of murder, but while in prison he questioned his path and sought a new way of life. He started to emerge from the life he led and began a transformation that led to an early release. He vowed to help others escape that path, but didn’t have the tools to do so. Until he met Tim Rhode and became a member of the 1Life Community. Tim spent time with Will and introduced him to other mentors in the Philadelphia area to support his growth. Will learned how to surround himself with those that could uplift him by their knowledge and demonstration. Will attended events hosted by 1Life in which he learned how to create a ROADMAP for his life. He honed in on what mattered to him and how he could use his past to empower his future and that of others. 1Life isn’t just about one person’s growth it is also about how you reach back and bring others on the uplifting journey of their own. Through the teachings in the 1Life CORE4, (Vision, Finances, Relationships and Wellness) Will also learned basic financial skills; budgeting, wise spending, investing for himself and the barber business he was building at the time. He, began to grow more relationships within those he was lifting and those that would lift him. He learned to magnify the power of relationships. He learned how to be a presenter – a dynamic speaker that has even been on the TedEx stage. Will began to be part of the presentations that 1Life brings to at-risk youth and adults emerging from hardship across the United States. Will grew in his knowledge of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. He never returned to drugs, but instead found healthy paths presented at 1Life workshops. He had begun work while in prison on understanding mental and spiritual health and 1Life supported that continued path on his journey. Will is now a life coach, helping people in impoverished and violent neighborhoods escape their past and present trauma and move into positive paths. Will has truly evolved on his personal 1Life journey. In March 2020 he hosted a free conference for those in the rough streets he grew up in because he thinks the transformation 1Life has been a part of in his life should be available to all. What a magnificent thing if 1Life could empower a million people like Will to go teach others how to create a ROADMAP for their lives in their cities around the globe. Will is one of the thousands of reasons, we 1Life.

Finding Purpose After a Destructive Path

Rhonda Smith found herself starting over after a history of destructive behaviors. She wanted to start living with intention but had no idea where to start. Since coming to her first 1Life ROADMAP Workshop, Rhonda has turned around her life and found her passion. She’s created a successful business helping others through challenging times and published a book about her experiences and learnings.