1Life helps people create a personal ROADMAP to live their BEST LIFE!

1Life Fully Lived

1Life Fully Lived is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2010 to help people create a ROADMAP to Dream, Plan, and LIVE their best lives.

Our Mission

To help people create a personal ROADMAP that provides tools and training in the 1Life CORE4 of Vision, Finances, Relationships, and Wellness empowering them to Dream, Plan, and LIVE their best lives and help others do the same.

Our Vision

1Life ROADMAPS bringing hope, solutions, and a plan to every person facing challenges anywhere in the world.

Who We Serve

1Life provides programs for individuals as well as groups and organizations that serve those emerging from hardship. Challenges such as homelessness, impoverished, oppressed, violence, addiction, incarceration, aged out and active foster kids, and at-risk youth. No matter the hardship faced, 1Life is able to help them create a ROADMAP to live their BEST LIFE! As each person begins their journey and becomes part of the 1Life community scaffold, the transformation in their lives extends to their family, their community, and the world.


More than 10,000 individuals have attended ROADMAP Events and started their journey toward living their BEST LIFE. Data collected through before and after surveys indicate approval ratings of the 1Life ROADMAP materials consistently above 95%. At the severe end of the spectrum those surveyed responded that they have not created a plan that included a vision for their lives, finances, relationships or wellness before introduction to the 1Life ROADMAP. In most cases we see an average of a 40% increase around action before and after in each of the aforementioned areas. Many groups reported upon completing the ROADMAP event 100% of participants had plans in each of the CORE4 Pillars of Vision, Finances, Relationships & Wellness

Approval Rating

How We Serve

1Life hosts virtual and in-person 1Life ROADMAP group events that guide people through the 1Life CORE4 of Vision, Relationships, Finances, and Wellness. Often using interactive music, movement, spoken word artists, and inspiring role models, like Will Little, woven into the ROADMAP content, participants learn that no matter where they start or the obstacles they may face, they truly can achieve the life of their dreams. That process includes a tool called the Fulfillment Triangle which brings out what a person loves to do, what they are good at, and where there may be a demand to share it. Additionally, we host the Dream it... Plan it… LIVE it podcast, have a series of books called the 1Life ROADMAP Journal, social media presence, and an active community that provides resources and mentoring.





1Life Community

Your process and guidance along the ROADMAP journey doesn’t end at the on-ramp. The 1Life Community is an active and supportive clan who leverages the knowledge and experience of its members while mentoring each other to achieve expert status in the 1Life CORE4 areas of vision, finances, relationships, and wellness. Our purpose is to continuously reach back to help another one move forward. Through newsletters, social media, videos, webinars, podcasts, and one-on-one meetings, "1Lifers" continue to work toward the goal of living their best life while helping others do the same.

1Life ROADMAP Guides

1Life ROADMAP Certified Guides are specially trained facilitators who come from multi- disciplined careers: entrepreneurs, investors, health and wellness experts, social workers, counselors, life coaches. They are trained on the ROADMAP content/technique and dedicate their time and talents to 1Life. ROADMAP Guides are generous, authentic, and ambitious individuals determined to share their experiences, open the door to success, and change lives. Click here to see a list of Certified 1Life ROADMAP Guides

Become a Certified 1Life ROADMAP Guide. Help others create their own personal 1Life ROADMAP to Dream, Plan and LIVE their best lives. Those you serve will create a ROADMAP filled with planned action steps on their journey toward self-sufficiency and then beyond. No other program addresses all areas of life in one action plan.

Meet the 1Life Team

Will Latif Little

1Life ROADMAP Event Presenter

Will, convicted of murder at just 19 years old, spent more than a decade in prison. He grew up in the roughest parts of Philadelphia and was surrounded by violence and poverty. Once he left prison, Will met Tim Rhode. He followed the 1Life ROADMAP they created together, and Will discovered the life he was meant to live. Today, Will has mentored thousands of young people who are facing similar circumstances to his own childhood. He’s helping young people who believed their only outlet was drugs and violence. Now they are choosing a different path and pursuing their passions.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

-Will Little


Nothing is possible without the support of others. We partner with groups, organizations, and companies that align with the values of 1Life Fully Lived. Either through direct monetary support, collaboration on events and services, or generous affiliate donors, these alliances help build and expand our capacity to achieve our mission and vision. Let us help you in serving others by partnering with 1Life in your community. Click to find out more.

Board Of Directors

Darryl Putnam
- Owner Putnam Group, Base Camp Living Investor
Sean Douglas
Vice President
- Founder/President of The Success Corps
Brian Moore
-Founder Oakview Pacific
Sophie Lorn-Clifford
-Founder and CEO of LiveWHOLE Wellness

Tim Rhode


Tim came from meager beginnings. His family struggled financially and eventually broke apart, moving from a rural area to the streets of Oakland, CA. He barely graduated from high school and never attended college. Tim overcame his circumstances and has gone on to live what he had only imagined would be a dream life, retiring financially free in his forties. When he started to taste success, he wanted to share his experience and help others dream and live big. He began mentoring local youth, launched 1Life Fully Live and expanded to serve adults and host events.

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