The Unconventional Path to Success with Peter Kujawa

Whether you are starting your career path or trying to figure out what to do next, this will be for you. Peter runs a successful IT company and is Corporate Counsel for its parent company. In his nearly 30 years of leadership experience, he has interviewed and hired thousands of applicants. In this conversation, he will share lessons learned from his own unconventional career journey from being a tour guide and delivering kegs of beer to working for large companies to being the CEO of start-ups.

In addition, he will discuss his perspectives on interviewing, hiring and promoting candidates.
The importance of taking big risks and saying yes, especially early in your career.
What mindset will help you understand what a potential employer is judging you on?
What is the one thing every candidate in every position is evaluated on?
The importance of cultural fit for both you and the organization.
Why working for a small company can sometimes be better for you.

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