Rebuild Your Fitness Identity with Sherry Shaban

Sherry Shaban is an athletic therapist, osteopath, nutritional consultant, strength coach and owner of IMUNITY fitness in Montreal, Quebec. With over 18 years of experience, Sherry has dedicated her life to motivate, inspire and empower thousands of people to reach their highest potential in health and fitness.

She helps people rebuild their fitness identity and empower their deepest transformation. Her areas of expertise are creating flexible, sustainable meal plans and designing effective body-weight programs based on 20-minute workouts that are adaptable for all levels of fitness.

We all have an obstacle standing in the way of our health and fitness. For years Sherry was frustrated with herself, disappointed and angry for being a “victim” of her circumstances. Her thoughts constantly tethered around the principle that if she hadn’t been hit by a car, that if she wasn’t missing pieces of bone in her spine, she would be able to compete as an athlete at the very highest level.

It took some time to let go of these debilitating thoughts. But it wasn’t the physical pain of re-injury or self-work that made her accept her body, her state, and herself as she was. It was the influence she had on making a massive impact in the lives of others that finally broke her down.

It’s still hard to believe, even after all these years that in 2012, Sherry was just millimeters away from losing function of her legs, bladder, bowels. Her recovery defied all medical odds. She was gifted and blessed with motherhood and health. This was no accident. This was the greatest gift of all. And this gift, this blessing, this purpose to her existence had to have happened for her to be able to help others achieve their greatest transformations as well.

Many people struggle to overcome their health and fitness obstacles. Don’t let your story stop you from becoming who you are meant to be.

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