Build Strength And Character with Nathaniel Coleman Jr

Nathaniel Coleman, Jr. Born 2/16/1967, makes me 53 years old. Divorced father of 3 daughters. 27, 24 and 19. Founder and CEO of The Good Fight Community Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The center has been operating since 2016. Honorably discharged United States Marine, served in Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope. Attended The University Of Wisconsin, La Crosse.

Other work experience includes being a district manager for Southern Multi-Foods (Yum brands KFC), Bus Operator for Via Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Texas, Citizen’s Area Transit in Las Vegas, Nevada, and MTU in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Learn how Nathaniel Coleman Jr, the President and CEO of The Good Fight, has brought hope and direction to his.Go to www.TheGoodFight.Club to learn more and get involved!

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