Creating A 6-Figure Online Business with Christine McCalister

2020 has definitely shifted a lot of things in the world of business and finances. What if we tell you that even in times like these you can create abundance for yourself?

Christine McAlister is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and author of the #1 bestseller The Income Replacement Formula. In 2015, Christine founded Life With Passion, a coaching and consulting business where she helps clients all over the world make money doing what they love with only a laptop and an internet connection. She’s an expert podcast guest, having appeared on over 100 shows to share her story of inspiration, motivation, success in business, and turning tragedy into triumph. Her own podcast is No One’s Ever Asked Me That.

Before her current success, Christine was feeling like she wasn’t living up to her potential, knowing she was meant for more, but not seeing the path to growing her business. She felt like she was banging her head against the wall, wondering what was wrong with her while she saw others succeed. She was tired of waiting for “someday.” So she took action, got support, and everything changed. She leads a community of over 2,000 entrepreneurs online, and over 75% of her clients are able to quit and stay out of their 9-5s.

And this success IS possible for you, she’s proof.

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