Create Success With Your Relationships with Adam La Barr

Adam is an Air Force vet who has traveled all over the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Colombia, etc.

After getting married to his beautiful wife Raquel, she inspired him to look at the real estate which ended up opening a whole new world for Adam. This interest turned into a passion that led Adam to a lot of education and different mentor groups. These groups gave him more than just an education, they gave him a desire to succeed! He took off and purchased a 62 unit apartment and joined in a 132 unit syndication while living overseas. Adam is currently invested in over 340 doors and climbing!

Adam is also an owner in Active Duty Passive Income where he is very active in educating military members in ways to invest in real estate. He even co-authored a #1 best selling book, Military House Hacking, in that effort. Active Duty Passive Income currently has around 14,000 members and continues to provide military members and veterans from around the globe a quality education platform with an amazing group of collaborators.

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