How To Thrive As A Small Business with Nigel Guisinger

Nigel Guisinger is passionate about small businesses. Having purchased, started, and saved businesses in multiple industries, Guisinger believes that the best way for real long-term wealth growth comes from creating businesses and jobs that support the local economy. Guisinger paid for his degrees from Oregon State University by working construction for a local excavation company. This lead to a career in the equipment rental industry where he worked with thousands of businesses to solve their project needs. This included saving his largest customer by purchasing a share of the company when they were struck by the downturn of 2008-2009. The investment in the glass company saved over 100 jobs.
In 2013 after seeing his town affected by the downturn Guisinger heard countless people say “somebody needs to do something” one too many times. With that Guisinger purchased a small appliance store and grew it from 350k annual sales to over $9m annual volume in a four-year period. At the same time, he started a home building company, a property holding company, a development company and has now acquired 6 more appliance stores. Guisinger has also done multiple apartment rehab projects out of state. Guisinger has purchased via SBA loans, conventional financing, creative financing, private lending, owner carried finance, and buying a business via an equipment loan.

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