Creating Memorable Moments At Home with Kathryn Richardson

Kathryn Richardson is the founder of YearCheer, a holiday subscription box that each month contains the items that help busy families connect while decorating for and celebrating holidays. She calls it every mom’s secret weapon for creating holiday magic.

Katie created YearCheer as a solution to help women like her – a corporate retail executive and mom of four kids under 10 – eliminate “mom guilt” and create magical memories with their families, all without the time or mental energy of planning those moments. The idea came after her kids asked, “What are we doing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?” and she realized she had nothing in the house and it was too late to run to any stores.  

Each YearCheer assortment is holiday-specific, including decor items such as balloons, banners and tabletop items; a children’s book; and additional crafts, activities, or games. Moms have told Katie that the fun “lasts for weeks.” Launched December 2019, YearCheer has shipped to 45 states nationwide, receiving five-star reviews from its customers, such as, “YearCheer boxes allow me to make the holidays special for my family without a lot of time or emotional energy.  Highly recommend.” YearCheer has been featured on the television show Las Vegas Now, NBC10 News Boston, “The Product Boss” podcast, and many blogs. 

After graduating from Northwestern University, Katie spent 20 years in the retail world managing teams of up to 175 people and businesses worth up to $900 million for top brands such as Target, Old Navy, GapKids and Under Armour.  Katie lives with her husband and four children in Maryland.

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