Discovering Self-Care And Wellness with Rachelle Niemann

It has been said that it takes one million behavioral changes to create a societal shift.

Let’s figure out the self-care that works for us, integrate wellness practices into our lives, and lean into self-love.

Rachelle Niemann is the author of Breaking Free from the Hustle for Worthiness and is a guide and XChange facilitator focused on cultivating environments to support well-being. Her facilitation, writing, and workshops are created to help us lean into and proactively choose well-being as a way of being. Through discovering her own path to well-being from a place of extreme anxiety, lack of identity, and unmanaged thoughts and emotions, she is dedicated to creating intentional action from a place of true experience and compassion.  

Let’s create fundamental shifts and behavioral changes to make lasting impacts that support our long-term well-being and sense of worthiness. As we build resilience, we build courage and allow ourselves to cultivate self-love and thrive.

It is important to acknowledge our struggles; however, focusing on strengths, generative questions, and discovering the best of what was, is, and could allow us to flourish beyond our struggles.

Through this approach, you can develop self-awareness, discover your authenticity, and cultivate self-love to proactively create a beautiful journey called life.

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