Living Your Best Life with Darren McMahon

Darren is known in the healthcare industry as a perennial award-winning top sales executive who has sold over 100 million dollars in his career for a Fortune 8 Company.

He loves connecting with people from all walks of life and shares a passion in the personal development field with 20 years of experience studying under Tony Robbins- where he also serves as Trainer.

Aside from Corporate America, Darren can be seen speaking and leading teams at various seminars internationally where he is a mindset and peak performance coach and is certified in neuro-linguistic programming. Mentoring, inspiring, and facilitating the growth of others is a fundamental part of his purpose. Overcoming many obstacles including a long-term bout with epilepsy (which almost cost Darren his life twice), bankruptcy, heartbreak, and overwhelm, Darren learned how to repeatedly come back as a better version of himself.

An active philanthropist and co-founder of Your Best Life Darren is always in pursuit of assisting others to embrace their adversities and maximize their potentials so they can live their best life possible. Darren is a part of the Champions group within GoBundance in which he loves to constantly learn from his team members. His first book “Only Dead Fish Go with The Flow” work smarter, dream bigger, and live an extraordinary life was released on March 30th.

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