Finding Your Path. Staying Your Course – Dr. Nicole Bossard

Dr. Bossard helps organizations and communities unlock collective wisdom within, identify unique core strengths, and engage the whole system in achieving results they can be proud of! Her motto is: together we can transform great challenges into great opportunities!

With over 20 years of experience helping social and human services make the shift from compliance-driven practice to real impact for individuals, families, employers, and communities in urban, suburban, rural areas, and Tribal nations across the United States, she understands the pressures to perform and deliver results in a system’s context. Beyond understanding the unique challenges faced by mission-driven social servants, she helps agencies leverage one of the best resources available: the full engagement and inclusion of their employees and customers!

She maintains an unabashedly unconditional positive focus and unwavering belief in people’s potential to thrive and create outstanding results! 

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