Eating Clean-“Food As Medicine” – Gabriel & Alyssa Hamel

Gabriel and Alyssa Hamel live in the beautiful state of Oregon with their two sons, Malakhi age 12, and Nadavi age 10, and their dog Rosie-Joy.

Gabriel Hamel is a real estate investor and 16-year vegan. Alyssa is an RN and lactation consultant, who is currently not working and discovering what her next chapter holds.  

This has given her more time to spend on one of her other passions FOOD.  She truly enjoys sharing food with family and friends.  The Hamel’s eat to fuel their bodies, minds, and spirits.  Embodying the belief “let thy food be thy medicine.” This does not interfere with food being a way to connect and socialize with friends and family. They choose to fuel their bodies with plants and love to share the benefits with others.

Tune in today to learn how food is medicine and it’s impact on your body.

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